CCPD requests neighbors’ surveillance video to track down a lurking man

The scene captured on a home surveillance video camera is sending Cape Coral Police on the hunt.

“We definitely would like any information whatsoever,” said Master Sgt. Allan Kolak, who works at CCPD. “Any cameras or if anyone saw anything suspicious.”

The video shows a man who is wearing a hoodie as he walks up to the front door of a Sirenia Vista Cape Coral home. He peeks inside. But, even creepier — he holds a firearm.

“He was just walking along, between our lanai screen and our dock,” one of the homeowners said. “Just walking just like he was out for a stroll.”

The woman and her husband are on vacation in Hawaii. They watched the scene play out from thousands of miles away on their Ring Doorbell.

Now, authorities are turning to the neighborhood and the police department’s partnership with Ring Doorbell, hoping other surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of the armed man in the hoodie.

“There were other crimes that night in that area,” Kolak said. “He is potentially a suspect, which is also being investigated.”

Reporter:Brooke Shafer
Writer:Michael Mora
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