Woman advocates for protective barriers under truck trailers

A 9-month-old infant and a 58-year-old man are dead after an Interstate 75 crash last week in North Fort Myers.

Lois Durso wonders if the outcome could have been different had there been more protection in place.

“Our government, they are fully aware that people are dying under trailers,”¬†Durso said. “The trucking industry knows people die under their trailers and nobody’s done anything.”

Lois Durso advocates for change. Photo via WINK News.
Lois Durso advocates for change. Photo via WINK News.

Durso founded the site, StopUnderRides.org. She is pushing Congress to pass a law forcing the trucking industry to install protective barriers under their trailers.

She founded this movement after her daughter, Roya, died in a similar crash 14-years ago.

“If there had been a barrier there the car would’ve been deflected and my daughter would’ve walked away from the crash as well,” Durso said.

Some we spoke with think the protective barrier is a good idea.

“I think it’s a good idea unless we all drive a big truck,” said Ingrid Tully, a Fort Myers resident. “But that’s not possible and I think anything that will keep passengers safe, especially children.”

But Diane Goukler of Fort Myers thinks it is up to the drivers to stay safe.

“I don’t think the problem is in any one place,”¬†Goukler said. “I think if you drive more consciously and carefully your odds are better you won’t get into a car accident.”

Either way, Durso will continue to push for change. She plans to bring this issue to newly elected Sen. Rick Scott.

Writer:Michael Mora
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