How many speeding tickets did Florida Highway Patrol write in 2017?

Some have said when driving on Interstate 75, you better be ready for anything.

After two major deadly crashes on I-75, one in Alachua County and the other in Southwest Florida, drivers told WINK News their biggest concern is speeding.

“The people that wanna do 95 [mph] when the traffic’s going 75 [mph],” said Glenn Brown, a driver. “Those are the problem people.”

Six people are dead in a fiery crash on I-75 near Gainesville and Alachua.

Florida Highway Patrol said vehicles speeding is the leading contributing cause to crashes.

We checked out the latest number of speeding tickets from 2017 on the FHP database.

In Charlotte County, a Trooper ticketed close to 3,000 drivers for speeding in a posted zone. The number increases to more than 10,000 in Collier County.

Lee County has the most offenders, according to the database. More than 12,000 drivers were going faster than they are supposed to by law.

“There are all kinds of violations and we’re concerned about all of them,” said Greg Bueno, an FHP lieutenant. “But speeding is certainly something that’s in the forefront.”

FHP said it is continuously on the lookout for speeders, but especially now, it needs drivers to step it up.

“Speeding on 75 is a huge pet peeve of ours,” Bueno said. “We know that it causes crashes.”

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