Jamariel James Doston. Photo via Cape Coral Police

Cape Coral man arrested on multiple drugs charges

A man was arrested in Cape Coral on multiple charges, when the U.S. Marshals busted into his house with an arrest warrant and found a litany of illegal drugs and a gun.

According to CCPD, on Wednesday the U.S Marshals executed a search warrant for Jamariel James Doston, 32, at 2002 NE 5th Street.

During the arrest, multiple drugs and other paraphernalia were seen in plain sight inside the home.

The Cape Coral Police Investigative Services Bureau arrived on scene and continued with the investigation and later executed a search warrant.

Powder cocaine, crack cocaine were found along with the paraphernalia used to make crack cocaine.

Also located during the search warrant was marijuana in excess of 20 grams, a stolen firearm, and a large amount of  money.

Doston was charged with Trafficking Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Sell, Manufacturing Crack Cocaine, Possession of Structure to Manufacture Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Marijuana over 20 grams.

Doston was later transferred to Lee County Jail.