String of vehicle burglaries violates neighbors’ sense of security

Jeff Ellinger said he woke up Monday morning to a surprise in his driveway.

“I get out here and my wife’s cars gone,” Ellinger said. “I go to open up my car door and there’s everything in my door compartment laying on my front seat. Okay, so I’m like, wait a second, what the hell is going on here?”

He said the thieves stole $7 in cash and his wife’s SUV.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said 21 vehicle burglaries were reported across the county Monday morning. Six of the robberies happened along Lost Woods Circle in Bonita Springs.

“It’s kind of creepy seeing that everything was thrown around in my car and somebody was that close to my house,” said Carl Jones, who lives in the neighborhood.

Jones said her neighbors caught two cars on camera driving off and said they stole a gun from the glove compartment in her neighbor’s unlocked vehicle.

Three more burglaries were reported in Colonial Oaks. Eight happened in the Lakes of Estero, where neighbors said the thieves stole credit cards, cash and gift cards.

Leaving neighbors like Scott McVickor on edge.

“I don’t want to have to empty my car out every night to make sure there’s nothing in there of value,” McVickor said. “It’s violating.”

Writer:Michael Mora
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