Push to regulate​ Collier County backyard gun ranges

Kevin Gerrity’s been a first responder for a year and is passionate about protecting people. And he is taking a stand on an issue becoming more and more prevalent.

“I’m just afraid that what we’re going to have is we’re going to have a fatality out here,” said Gerrity, a fire commissioner.

Accidents, such as in Golden Gates Estates, happened when neighbors shoot in their backyards. Stray bullets will fly through windows, sometimes hitting innocent people inside their homes.

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Right now, state laws ban people from shooting in highly populated areas. But that only applies to one acre lots. Most lots in the Golden Gate Estates are usually larger.

But some neighbors said they moved to Golden Gates Estates to have freedom — to be able to shoot.

One man took to the podium, where he asked the following question: “what about personal accountability instead of ruining it for everybody else.”

The board said it is not about regulating guns. It is about regulating shooting these weapons in your backyard, for safety reasons.

Reporter:Hannah Vogel
Writer:Michael Mora