FMPD discuss pairing with mobile app “Ring” to give police access to home surveillance cameras

Fort Myers Police Department is meeting with City Council today to determine if a partnership with the “Ring” mobile app is possible. If so, FMPD would get access to doorstep camera videos, which would help keep intruders out of homes.

“Ring” is a doorstep camera device that connects with a mobile app and allows homeowners to view who is at their door without being home.

If the partnership goes through with FMPD, it would allow them access to Fort Myers citizens videos as they upload them to the app, and it would also allow police to leave updates and use those uploaded videos to investigate.

If they move forward with the program, the police and “Ring” can work together to offer subsidized “Ring” cameras in the Fort Myers area that experience more crime.

It’s meant to stop crimes like package thieves, or home burglaries, even if you don’t have the “Ring” camera you can still use the app for free to learn of nearby alerts.

The app has already been successful with the Cape Coral Police, who have had the partnership since May.



Writer:Lincoln Saunders