Port Charlotte man’s weight loss journey highlights achievable goals

A Charlotte County man wants his weight loss journey to help inspire others to stick to their new year’s resolutions. A major motivation for him was to becomes active alongside his wife, who regularly participates in public races and recreational activities. And the other main goal was to improve his diet for overall health and wellbeing.

Dustin Worth in Port Charlotte is a living example of someone who was able to set a goal for his new year’s resolution, achieve it and more.

“I had to work up to the point that I was side by side with her,” Worth said of his wife, Annette Worth.

This was something Worth was worried he might not achieve one year ago.

“When I reached my all-time highest weight, I couldn’t actually breathe,” Worth said. “Going to the mall and realizing they just don’t make sizes for someone as big as I was.”

This before-and-after image shows Worth at 270 pounds (left) and 180 pounds (right) after losing 90 pounds between April 2017 and December 2018.

Worth was determined to change his lifestyle habits and join his wife in her active feats.

“I had already signed up for a triathlon, and he decided that he was gonna sign up for it as well,” Annette said.

At first, Worth’s goal was to keep up with his wife.

“We grabbed hands towards the finish line and just crossed the line together,” Annette said.

After that experience, things took off in a new direction for Worth. He began to monitor his diet and exercise using an app called Lose It!. Months later, his new diet kicked in noticeably.

“We were running the 5k, and I looked ahead and I said ‘He’s way ahead of me,’” Annette said.

“That was really exciting to experience that for the first time,” Worth said.

As Worth’s new active lifestyle takes shape, he continues to achieve new milestones.

“Sleep apnea symptoms going away,” Worth said. “The indigestion, I don’t experience.”

Worth recommends keeping track of everything you eat, whether it is using an app or logging everything down on paper. Also, look to burn more calories than you eat.

“We’re kind of doing this together now, and it’s really exciting,” Annette said.


Reporter:Melinda Lee