Man arrested after bullets fly through Golden Gate Estates home, shed

A neighborhood riddled with bullets after one neighbor turned his backyard into a shooting range.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrested Miguel Hidalgo, 46, after witnesses say they saw him shooting at a tree in his yard. Some bullets went past the tree and hit a neighbors shed and another neighbors window.

“All you gotta do it be more cautious of what they’re doing,” said Edward Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says a bullet went straight through his mother and father-in-law’s window. During that time, he was outside and his mother-in-law was inside.

“The way the bullet looks, looks like you’re shooting a rifle,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says the bullet ricocheted from the window, to the wall and then burst a bathroom pipe.

“They [CCSO] found the bullet yesterday,” Rodriguez said. “It was in the tub.”

Hidalgo is a convicted felon and can’t legally own a gun.

According to his arrest report, he tried telling deputies he didn’t have any guns. He also claimed he was at the store around the time of the shooting.

Even though no one was hurt, Rodriguez is still concerned for what could happen if there’s a next time.

“My little girl’s about that height, so if she were to be coming through or my son, or anybody,” Rodriguez said.

Hidalgo is facing charges of negligent discharge of a firearm and having a firearm as a convicted felon.

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