Child with autism gives special bags to the homeless

A Bonita Springs boy is on a special mission to help the homeless.

Jessica Berube’s son, Lincoln Berube, has was diagnosed with autism. Berube said she discovered her 6-year-old son’s huge heart for the homeless shortly after he began his treatment.

“We started going to Sarasota for special therapy for him,” Berube said. “And what we noticed is there’s a lot of homeless people. Then, the next time, he said, ‘Wait, let’s go get some snacks and give it to our homeless friends.'”

Items in blue bags Lincoln brings are special to him.

“It’s a soft blankie. Feel it,” Lincoln said. “Crunchy bars, blueberry bars, my favorite.”

But his favorite part of the special mission he is on is giving these treats away.

“Giving it to the homeless persons,” Lincoln said.

“Every week we bring them something,” Berube said. “It’s really cool to see him just being so thoughtful and kind and having that empathy and compassion.”

Lincoln looks forward to his weekly trips to see his friends.

Homeless recipients Lincoln donated items. Photo via WINK News.
Homeless recipients Lincoln donated items to. Photo via WINK News.

“I say, ‘Here you go,’ and give them stuff like tents and sleeping bags,” Lincoln said.

Lincoln is fulfilled when he gets to watch the people his is helping use his gifts.

“After we give them snacks, we drive by and usually he wants to look to see if they’re eating the snacks we gave them,” Berube said.

And Lincoln’s mother sees her son gaining much in return, as he continues to make a difference in his community.

“He feels empowered and he feels important,” Berube said. “It’s helped him realize that it’s okay to be a little bit different.”


Reporter:Melinda Lee
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