Where’s my refund? Local woman cancels contract and still does not have her money

Where’s my refund? That’s the question Dorothy Gilchrist, 90, is asking Fort Myers air conditioning company Foster’s Air Supplies & Technical Services, or FAST AC.

In early October, Gilchrist says FAST AC called and offered to conduct a free assessment of her unit. Gilchrist agreed and technicians came by the next day.

During the appointment, Gilchrist signed a contract for repairs totaling $2,850 which appears to include a new, copper line set.

After having second thoughts, she sent a letter overnight cancelling the contract–citing Florida’s three day buyer’s remorse law.

“That’s too much money to be putting out right now,” Gilchrist said.

FAST AC’s return policy states “the total time allotted for processing a typical refund shall be three to five business weeks from the initial request.”

According to the tracking number, Gilchrist’s request arrived at their office October 8th.

FAST AC left a voicemail saying her refund was processed, but Gilchrist has yet to see the money.

WINK News called FAST AC twice and never received a call back.

We also went by the office and were told no one was available to talk.

According to the Florida Attorney General’s Website, a refund must be mailed between 10 and 20 days after the sale is cancelled.

While the Florida Attorney Generals Office is not investigating Gilchrist’s case, their consumer protection division is investigating FAST AC.

“I want to see them give me my money back because they didn’t do nothing to earn it,” Gilchrist says.

Reporter:Allison Gormly
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