Purchase age-appropriate toys for children this holiday season

Kids love toys. But before wrapping up any gift, there is a list you’ll want to check twice.

Here are important safety tips, so you enjoy Christmas morning with family and not in the emergency room.

Consumer Reports said you need to look at the age guidelines on packages for younger children. Also, think of what you’re giving their older siblings too. You don’t want items to fall into the wrong hands.

“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the CPSC, encourages manufacturers to clearly label toys with age guidelines,” said Don Huber with Consumer Reports. “And the agency requires age labels to be accurate.”

When it comes to riding toys, make sure children have the protective gear to go with it like a helmet and pads.

You’ll want to protect your child’s information too: When it comes to connected toys, most companies don’t spell out their security practices.

“The best thing you can do, don’t give the company any information about your child,” Huber said. “And there is nothing wrong with using a fake name, birth date and address in your child’s profile. And don’t include pictures of your child either.”

Huber said parents should beware of products with magnets, keeping them away from children under 14 years old.

“Though high-powered magnet sets may be marketed to adults and contain safety warnings about their risks, these super-strong magnetic balls can be attractive to children, Huber said. “These magnets can prove extremely dangerous if two or more of them are swallowed and become attached through intestinal walls.”

Batteries can be harmful as well.

“Coin cell batteries are particularly dangerous to young children because they can be harmful, as they can cause chemical burns and are poisonous if accidentally ingested,” Huber said. “You want to make sure that any toy you buy that runs on those batteries has a battery compartment that is securely fastened and requires a tool for opening, so that it would be difficult for small hands to open it.”



Reporter:Allison Gormly
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