Tips for pet safety and boarding during the holidays

How are you going to keep your pets safe during the holidays?

Here is what to look for if you are considering leaving your pets behind with a boarding facility.

For starters, it’s not a bad idea to stop by the place you plan to board your animal to check it out. You might even take your pet with you if you can.

Patricia Campo, the owner of Best Pets in Cape Coral, says it’s important to know if your dog gets along with other animals prior to boarding.

She says it is also important to know how the facility operates. Some places allow the pets to hang out in an open area together while others will keep them in their own space.

You can always drop them off just for the day before a longer trip to see how they act.

Asks the facility to let you walk through ahead of time. If they are in a bad environment, Best Pets says your dog could get agitated or even sick.

But she says that from her experience, pets tend to adjust quickly.

“The dogs are so adaptable within an hour or a day,” Campo said. “They are acclimated they are having fun these dogs were anxiety when they came in now they’re sleeping on the couch.”

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