Video shows burglar steal package off neighbors porch in Lehigh

A woman’ sense of security shaken, she says a persistent burglar kept trying to get into her home.

Home surveillance cameras recorded video of a man trying to break into a couple’s home in Lehigh Acres; unable to do so, he stole away with packages on the couple’s front porch.

“Get a job. Don’t rob people of what they work for,” Katlyn Kelle said. “Get jobs, get lives. I hope these people get caught seriously.”

This is not the welcome they wanted to receive after moving to the area a week ago.

“I got robbed … I don’t feel secure,” Kelle said. “We haven’t even lived here a week.”

Kelle and George Lindstrom watched their surveillance video after the burglar terrorized their new home.

“We could see him coming to our house,” Lindstrom said. “He was not slowing down. He knew where he was going. It was obvious he knew where he was going and what he was doing.”

Home surveillance cameras caught it all. You see crooks speed up to the family’s new Lehigh Acres home near Wellington Avenue. The driver walks right up to the front door, tries to push his way in while a passenger waits in the truck, and then they gets away with a package.

Streetview image of neighbors home in Lehigh Acres off Wellington Avenue shows burglar’s truck – Photo via WINK News.

The burglar later gets back to the house. While he only made off with cigarette filters inside the package, the couple said he took much more.

Now, they’re beefing up security, hoping this man and whoever else was inside the truck get caught.

Reporter:Taylor Bisacky
Writer:Jack Lowenstein