HUD conducting more inspections at Jones Walker Apartments

A troubled Fort Myers apartment complex is under scrutiny again after mold, mildew and plumbing problems have put tenants at the Jones Walker apartments at risk for months.

City leaders and the feds told owners to clean it up and fix up the units and now WINK News is getting a firsthand look at what they’ve done.

Because tenant Rosa Delgado and other people at Jones Walker are still living with plumbing problems, she says she has to do her dishes in the bathroom sink.

She says she still has roaches and crews only made quick fixes to the mold.

“They’re just fixing it from outside because they know HUD inspection is coming,” Delgado said. “When I see it I’ll believe it. You know you hear so many dead lines like this is going to happen that’s going to happen.”

City councilman Johnny Streets, who represents the people living at Jones Walker, is skeptical about the changes as well.

During the last few months, management says they gutted and renovated 17 units and replaced plumbing in 8.

“Well cosmetically on the outside you know certain things look great,” Streets said. “I know there still some problems with plumbing, but the most important thing is the mildew and the mold in the out of control pest control.”

To check for improvements of the living conditions here, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is on site for new inspections after a failed one in September.

“The inspectors or whoever HUD you know look at the humanistic side and asked them selves at the end of the day what they’ve seen in certain areas with they want to live in it? And if the answer is no, why would they want someone else to live there?”

If HUD fails the apartments again, the owner would lose the contract with HUD and the property could turn over to the city. HUD is finishing up inspections now, and they say results won’t be ready for a few weeks.

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