Commissioners vote down medical marijuana dispensaries

Jason Shook has battled cancer and seizures much of his life.

“Commissioners need to understand that a lot of people are in the same situations medical issues that need dispensaries,” Jason said.

Those seizures have prevented Shook from doing every day activities, such as having a conversation with a friend. But his mother, Lee Shook, said medical marijuana changed his life.

“The fact that his cognitive levels were increased greatly his sense of well-being his ability to get those thoughts out and have those conversations,” Lee said, “and to begin enjoy life again.”

At the Collier County Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday afternoon, they once again debated this issue. Shockingly to Jason, the commissioners voted against the dispensaries, failing to get the super majority needed.

 Jason Shook has battled cancer and seizures during his lifetime. Photo via WINK News.
Jason Shook has battled cancer and reoccurring seizures during his lifetime. Photo via WINK News.

Commissioner Penny Taylor, who is chairman, was among the votes against the measure.

“Until we have the ability to determine where these dispensaries should go,” Taylor said, “I’m going to have to stay with my original vo which is no.”

Jason was convinced Taylor, who represents District 4, would vote ‘yes.’ He arrived at the conclusion because she has previously said she will uphold the Florida constitution, which allows dispensaries.

“Say they’re going to uphold the People’s right,” Jason said, “and it’s very clear that they’re not.”

At the end of the day, Jason said he will continue to fight for what he believes in.

“Believe that it’s probably inevitable and I don’t think it will be up to them anymore,” Jason said.

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