An alleged molester agitates his new Port Charlotte neighbors

John Woytowitz loves his neighborhood.

“Anybody that moves in, we welcome them right away,” Woytowitz said.

And that is exactly what Woytowitz did when he met his neighbor, Paul Lewicki, across the street on Wynkoop Circle in Port Charlotte. He later found out that the 76-year-old man is accused of molesting a young woman with disabilities.

“I would never suspected Paul to be like that,” Woytowitz said. “I know he owned a bar… he was actually one of the first ones to come to our party. Very cordial, very nice.”

Ralph Clark, a neighbor. Photo via WINK News.
Ralph Clark, a neighbor. Photo via WINK News.

According to the arrest report, Lewicki was sexually violating a 24-year-old woman. The victim has the mental capacity of a young child and requires a caretaker.

The collective mood in the neighborhood is of disgust.

“He took advantage,” Charlotte Clark said. “He definitely took advantage of her.”

Lewicki told deputies, he was just trying to teach the victim where certain body parts were located.

“Ordinary people on the street, can’t spot them, you know,” Ralph Clark said, a neighbor. “They can’t tell if they’re that way.”

But now, neighbors on Wynkoop Circle will be keeping a closer eye on who is around.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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