Mother confronts driver who almost hits son at bus stop

A mad mom fed up with cars blowing by bus stops took matters into her own hands. She followed and confronted a city utility truck she said almost killed her son.

Elke Sexton said her son, Brody, was nearly hit by a Cape Coral utility vehicle near Del Prado Thursday, and she stopped traffic to confront the workers in the vehicle.

“My heart was pounding like crazy because it was so close,” Brody said. “It was shocking. They work for the city. They’re supposed to be more careful.”

Sexton was not going to allow the incident to pass without communication between her and the driver.

“The fact that somebody could have killed my kid today, it’s not acceptable,” Sexton said. “I stopped traffic because I wanted him to know that’s not OK.”

The driver of the utility vehicle will not receive a ticket because Florida law mandates an officer must see a bus violation to issue a citation.

However, the city could take action, but Cape Coral said it is not currently investigating this incident.

Brody’s family said an apology would go a long way.

“I haven’t received any phone call,” Sexton said. “I haven’t received anything from them.”

Sexton and Brody have one person to thank though, and that is bus driver “Miss T.” It was her quick action that saved Brody’s life. She slammed the bus door shut just before Brody walked into the truck’s path.

“Stop for the buses,” Brody said. “There’s other people in the world. You need to stop paying attention to your phone while driving.”

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