Atlanta Braves stadium bringing jobs and enthusiasm to North Port

For the first time, WINK News is giving you an inside look at the new Atlanta Braves training ballpark in North Port.

The stadium is still under construction but the Braves hope to play their last game of the 2019 Spring Training season there, and it officially has a name: CoolToday Park.

Executives shook hands on a 20-year partnership between the Braves and the home service company, CoolToday.

The stadium also plans to bring hundreds of jobs to the area.

People like Richard Dahms from North Port are already planning to buy tickets.

“I am a baseball fan, I love baseball, I┬áthink it’s going to be healthy competition with Charlotte Sports Park,” he said.

With an average of 350 construction workers on site every day, the $1 million project is creating jobs for the North Port area.

“In this room, a company called Adam’s Group, a local north port subcontractor has built all the lockers”

And after construction wraps up?

“They are going to employ over a hundred people year round with the Braves. Trainers, coaches, marketing, maintenance, grounds, think about all the people it’s going to take to take care of a 90-acre facility! That’s an economic boom right there.”

Many are confident that the ballpark will bring plenty of traffic, which will be a home run for baseball fans and for Sarasota County.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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