Fans line up early for spring training tickets at JetBlue Park

The clock is ticking down until you can get your hands on spring training tickets. People are lining up at JetBlue Park to make sure they get to see the Boston Red Sox in action. Fans of the World Series champions are not wasting any time.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, but people are beginning to line up at the ball park ticket booth Friday. The gates to JetBlue Park opened this evening, but one fan has been waiting at Fenway South for at least two days.

“I’m the mayor of Fenway South,” Derek Dearmond said. “That’s where we live.”

Dearmond doesn’t live at the park in reality, but he does know how to make himself cozy outside the ball park while he waits for tickets to go on sale.

“This year, we’ve only been in line two days,” Dearmond said. “But back when they first opened the stadium, we were out here a week waiting for tickets.”

Dearmond said it is his fourteenth year being first in line. He helps organize the line of people and keeps an eye out for ticket scalpers trying to make a quick buck.

Dearmond’s co-camper, Guy Sepiella, said getting the best ticket is worth the wait.

“I’m always here for Yankees/Red Sox,” Sepiella said. “It’s the best game of the year. We have a good time out here.”

Dearmond has something special in mind for his Red Sox tickets.

“I donate mine to the children’s hospital,” Dearmond said. “They want particular seats.”


Reporter:Melinda Lee
Writer:Jack Lowenstein