Preventing accidental baby drops

If someone asked you what the leading cause of unintentional death is among American children, what would you say? Disease? Car accidents? The answer is accidental baby drops. There are as many as 1,600 every year. Now, a group of women have created a business to reduce that statistic.

Amy Schick is the COO of a company she and her sister started less than a year ago. Their product, baby wraps, made specifically for moms right after birth.

“Maternity is the only time in the hospital that an exhausted medicated, recovering patient is expected to care for another patient around the clock.” Said Schick.

Working in labor and delivery for more than ten years, schick says her sister, mary, witnessed the happiest moments for mothers turn to tragedy when they accidently drop their babies.

Schick said, “it’s something my sister could not stop thinking about and she thought, there’s got to be a safer way.”

It took months of research. The challenge? Finding a manufacturer.

“It’s the iconic American story of a woman on a mission and her determination and motivation. She started with sports bras.” Schick told Ivanhoe.

Mary and Amy moved on to create this baby wrap called aegis. It’s now being produced in bulk for hospitals and women’s clinics.

“We want them to make the aegis wrap part of their to-go bag for the hospital, for delivery so it’s right there.” Said Robyn Paleri, RDMS from Guiding Star Tampa.

“Right now we have it trialed in about 20 hospitals across America.” Schick said.
The two sisters and their mom are committed to help new mothers and their newborns with these baby wraps.

“This should be available to everyone, regardless of what they can afford.” Schick said.
“women helping other women. That’s what we’re all about.” Said Paleri.

Anyone can buy the wrap on the internet for 98 dollars or ask your hospital to provide it and ask for reimbursement from your insurance company. The goal is to get it covered by all insurance companies. So far five thousand wraps have been manufactured. For more information go to their website

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Author: Ivanhoe Newswire
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