Denniel Anzalotti. Photo via CCSO

Port Charlotte man arrested for stabbing roommate

A man from Port Charlotte was arrested after he stabbed his roommate in the side and hit him with a baseball bat, according to Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

CCSO says, they responded to a call of a man that was stabbed by his roommate, as they were arriving on scene, the victim of the stabbing had already made it to the hospital.

According to CCSO, Timothy Pirtle, 35, said that he had not been at the residence where he lived for about a month, and decided to “tidy up the place.”

After getting his vehicle back from Denniel Anzalotti, 23, Pirtle noticed things were missing from the vehicle.

Pirtle got into a dispute over the phone with Anzalotti baout the missing items, and advised him that he was bringing his clothes he left behind in the vehicle.

As approached the house, he could see Anzalotti standing in the doorway holding a knife in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

Pirtle says Denniel closed the front door but he was able to catch it before it closed. As he pushed the door open, Denniel stabbed him in the side and hit him in the hand with the bat.

During the incident, Timothy dropped his phone and attempted to pick it up, when he did Denniel attempted to stab him in the head but he was able to avoid it.

After realizing he had been stabbed, Timothy ran out the door and got a ride from bystanders to the Bayfront Hospital.

Officials spoke with Timothy and was able to confirm his story, they later found Denniel riding a bike down the road and pulled him over and arrested him without incident.



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