New report questions the necessity of Estero lime rock mines

Lee County approved the Waldrop Rock Supply study in 2016.

Greg Stuart is presenting his report that counters that study to Estero City Council on Wednesday morning.

“I’m requesting to the elected officials of Estero because they’re the ones that are going to be the ones most impacted by truck traffic, noise, dust, water quality impacts, you name it,” Stuart said, who works at Stuart and Associates.

But it’s not just Estero.

Lee County is looking into proposing two new mines. There is one near Corkscrew Road and Alico while another is in Lehigh Acres.

That’s where you’ll find Kara Munro.

“It’s a quiet street except for 4th of July and holidays where we tear it up,” Munro said.

She is worried the mine right off State Road 82 will disturb her peaceful neighborhood. She wants to explore other options.

New report to be reviewed by the Estero City Council. Photo via WINK News.
New report to be reviewed by the Estero City Council. Photo via WINK News.

“It’s just it’s not needed,” Munro said. “We need to be more efficient in the mines we already have.”

She hopes the meeting will enlighten others.

“I hope that the public will become more aware of the issue and that we can make the right decision for the community.”

And if Estero City Council buys into the new report?

“If the city decides to litigate, then they’ll have plenty of information to litigate,” Stuart said. “I certainly will be offering the report for free to the people of Estero to help preserve their quality of life.”

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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