Hoops On Mission supports hundreds of families for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come early for hundreds of families in Fort Myers. One nonprofit partnered with the community to feed those in need this holiday season.

Hoops On Mission partnered with local churches and families for its fourth Thanksgiving food drive to feed 200 families Sunday.

“It’s very hard sometimes, food to feed the average family,” said Karyna Jackson with hoops On Mission. “Out here is a larger family, so it’s hard to connect families and become friends when you’re hungry.”

Hoops on Mission provided ingredients and turkeys to families in need.

Also in the community: At Schandler Hall Community Park, several ministries cooked food for those in need.

Riverdale High School football players threw their own turkey day game for the kids.

“Put a smile on people’s face, give out food, help, play, make things happy around here,” said Jeffrey Jean-Baptiste, Riverdale football volunteer.

Recipients of the community gift were thankful.

“Yeah, a Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving, it’s a good feeling because I feel like I’m helping to support my family for the holidays and feel like I can do my part,” Tiffany Harris said.

This was a chance to celebrate the ability for a community to support its people.

“Just building friendships, and people look so happy, and that’s what the holidays are about,” Jackson said.

Reporter:Anika Henanger
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