SWFL debates on who’s a better driver, teens or elders, during snowbird season

Now that it is season in southwest Florida, it is clear that there are more cars on the road. But as season picks up, drivers can expect more crashes too.

Traffic and distracted driver expert Scott Bills says all drivers, no matter the age, need to keep a close eye on the roadways.

“The statistics will show that the very young and the very old are the worst drivers per accident,” Bills said.

But there are very different factors that increase their risk of accidents, Bills says.

“The very young are more likely than not to be on their cell phones, be texting or whatever,” Bills said. “But, the very old, maybe having a difficult time exactly finding out where they’re going, and worrying about everything going on around them.”

John Cassedy, who’s been driving more than 70 years, says his insurance agent told him they have no reservations about offering him coverage.

“Never had an accident, never had a police citation or anything,” Cassedy said. “My insurance agent told me recently, she told me that they’re not concerned. The insurance companies would rather have the elderly than the younger ones (driving).”

Cassedy said that sometimes older drivers get a bad wrap. He understands why people think the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles should retest after a certain age, and he agrees.

“I wouldn’t just cut everyone’s driving privileges away, but to have them retested,” Cassedy said. “Maybe the basics of the job would be beneficial at a certain age.”

In Naples, there are more older than younger drivers on the road. According to the DMV, there are more than 33,000 licensed drivers between the ages of 21 to 39, but there are more than 46,000 drivers ages 71 to 79 in Collier County.

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