Broward Canvassing Board counts and verifies midterm election ballots

For a person wondering what modern democracy looks like, they need just observe the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, as they are the center of attention in the close Florida midterm races.

As the canvassing board continues to count and verify more ballots, they have been diligently counting votes since polls closed on Tuesday.

As they release results in this county, commonly labeled as very liberal, the gap between the candidates in the governor and senate race continues to narrow.

That has increase the chance for recounts, which could land Democratic candidates in elected positions — instead of Republicans.

“With a the race this close, it comes down to just a few votes,” Jackie Jahosky said, from New Florida Majority, a non-profit organization. “We want to make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks and every things above board here.”

The elections office would not clarify how many ballots they have yet to count. But, questions loom around Broward County and the Supervisor of Elections.

“They’re just trying to do their job,” Democratic State Senator Gary Farmer said. “I believe they have been doing it in a very transparent manner.”

There have been heated debates tonight. They have questioned what is happening behind closed doors.

We learned Thursday afternoon, according to the county’s results, of the Broward ballots already counted. Just under 25,000 voted for a candidate for governor.

But not one in a senate race.

“Certainly some curious numbers,” Farmer said.

“You have to let people vote,” Todd Falzone said, a personal injury lawyer at Kelley/Uustal. “You have to count the votes and whether they’re for democrats or republicans it doesn’t matter. It has to be counted.”

Reporter:Hannah Vogel
Writer:Michael Mora