Two teens arrested for attempted kidnapping on Marco Island

Three kids say they had to hide in bushes to escape two people who threatened to kill them.

Now the victims are telling their story.

“I started to actually then feel that it was serious so I thought I had to run and get to safety,” said one teenager. “I was just hoping that everyone makes it out okay.”

It was a day that he says he’ll never forget.

He says he was walking with his little brother and a friend near the intersection of Ludlow Road and Newell Terrace in Marco Island when a black BMW pulled up beside him and the teenagers inside of the vehicle began yelling threats.

He says the BMW took off, but then turned back around and the teens continued yelling at the victims, saying they better get into the car before they killed them.

“I was thinking something is definitely up here,” he said. “I started then to feel that it was serious so I thought I had to run and get to safety.”

He says a person inside of the car jumped out and started chasing them.

The three ran and hid in some nearby bushes and called 911. Police were able to track down the driver and the other teen responsible, but the boys’ father says something needs to be done to stop things like this from happening others in the future.

“As I learned some of the details I thought about what if they had gotten in that car,” said Jay Bowerman, the father of two of the victims. “You know, what if they had not taken the step to run like they did and to find shelter. We’re very proud of our boys and we’re glad it’s behind us.”

The two teens in the car are now facing felony charges of attempted kidnapping and assault.

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