One dead after car crash in Fort Myers

Published: November 6, 2018 9:23 AM EST
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One person is dead after a motorcycle was cut off by a car on Monday, in Fort Myers, Florida Highway Patrol says.

According to FHP, a Chevy Impala being driven by Steffen Bighames, 22, was heading west on Pondella Road in Fort Myers.

A motorcycle being driven by William Sanger, 20, was traveling east on Pondella Road.

Both vehicles were approaching an intersection, when Bighames missed a yield sign when turning left at a green light and pulled out in front of Sanger on his motorcycle.

According to FHP, Sanger was traveling faster than the speed limit when he had to lay his bike over to avoid swiping the side of the Impala, but the bike struck the right side of the vehicle.

Sanger was pronounced dead at the scene.