Cape Coral veteran votes for the first time in Tuesday’s election

Alaine Beaudoin is veteran who got to vote for the first time today.

He says life and laziness delayed his motivation to cast a ballot in past elections, but now he’s done it and says you should too.

“I’m voting for the first time in the US — I became a citizen last year — first time voting,” he said.

The 73-year-old who now lives in Cape Coral served in the US Navy but kept his Canadian citizenship until last year.

“I was not a citizen when I served,  I couldn’t wait actually, I waited 67 years to do it,” he said.

Now, after more than 50 years, he’ll have a say in the democratic process.

“It’s your say, it’s your right to vote someone in that you want,” he said.

He voted in Cape Coral this afternoon along with his daughter and many others in a historic voter turnout.

It took the veteran about 20 minutes to cast his first ballot, when he re-appeared, Beaudoin was all smiles.

“It was great – I think I did pretty good!”

His daughter says it was an honor to see him vote and now they will wait for the election results to roll in and plan to vote in the next election.

There were many first-time voters out at the polls today, and experts say they expect a lot more to participate this election.

You can view Midterm Election results HERE. 

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