Recent storms toss trampolines around in Cape Coral

Most trampolines work best stable on the ground. However, the brief storm earlier tonight caused one to lift off the ground. In less than a month, a couple trampolines have reportedly been tossed in Lee County.

A homeowner off Diplomat Parkway and Santa Barbara Boulevard in Cape Coral found a trampoline hanging from a cable line on his property Friday.

The trampoline weighs about 200 pounds. Some powerful winds must have picked it up during the storm. 

Comcast and CenturyLink helped to bring it down Friday after a neighbor called. The homeowner’s dog alerted him, but the odd part is he doesn’t own a trampoline.  

“We where home inside,” Luis Montanez said. “And we came out and saw this big ol trampoline hanging from the low voltage wire. It’s kinda weird because I don’t own a trampoline, and nobody around here owns a trampoline. I don’t know where it came from.”

Something he did notice missing was his trash can that was found in an empty lot.  

It’s not mandatory to tie down trampolines in Cape Coral, but after seeing these incidents happen close together, it might be worth doing.  





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