Police lights crime

Vehicle northbound on US-41 plunges in the harbor

A driver on US-41 bumped into the vehicle in front of him, lost control and plunged his car into the harbor Saturday afternoon. Both drivers and a passenger had minor injuries.

Justin Landers-Geovonnie, 21, was driving a 2014 Toyota Corolla on US-41 with a passenger, Gitanjali Sopriya, 22, heading northbound on US-41.

Landers-Geovonnie was driving his vehicle in the center lane, approaching North Shore Ave in North Fort Myers when he bumped into a 2018 Kia Kona.

Marie Suzanne was driving the Kona northbound. Landers-Geovonnie lost control of his Corolla, exiting the roadway and plunged into the harbor where the vehicle landed into the water.

Suzanne, 64, came to a controlled stop, partially in the outside lane while authorities later arrived at the scene.

Landers-Geovonnie was charged with careless driving, driving while his license was suspended, DUI and three counts of DUI property damage.

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