Lead detective testifies in day 2 of trial for accused Lake Boyz gang member

The lead detective who led the investigation into dozens of accused gang members, appeared in front of jurors on day two of the trial Friday.

Tommy Dontavis Williams, 24, is an accused Lake Boyz gang member and one of the few arrested who has his own trial.

Accused Lake Boyz gang member Tommy Dontavis Williams, 24

Lead detective Wolfgang Daniel spent most of the day on the stand.

This all comes after resolving an attorney issue from Thursday.

Tommy Williams’ lawyer, Samantha Stevins, represented co-defendant Freeman Best in a previous case, but a potential conflict of interest was resolved and day two of trial continued as normal.

The state asked detective Daniel about a gang war between two suspected rival gangs, the Lake Boyz and Tat Boyz.

In one of the incidents, the defendant, Williams, was shot and detectives linked it back to where the suspected Tat Boyz live.

But the defense argued the shooting wasn’t gang related, saying Williams was a victim and not with others who were arrested in this racketeering round up.

Now this shooting was just one of many incidents used by prosecutors to establish the conspiracy and racketeering charges.

Reporter:Taylor Bisacky