Charlotte County schools beef up campus security measures

Neil Armstrong School Resource Officer Joella Moore checks every door to the school multiple times per day.

“We just go through throughout the day to make sure nothing has become open,” she said. “We check and anything that pose a security risk or threat we can take care of it and work together with a team.”

She monitors cameras and does rounds inside the school. But most importantly, she says, is treating the students as if they are her own.

“They do trust us and they know we care about them,” she said.

Charlotte County schools have had school resource officers for at least a decade, but they added five more this year. They say they don’t want to take any chances.

On top of that, the schools now have only one point of entry with an Airphone intercom system. You have to show identification to get inside.

They have also added more resources for mental health.

“We were able to add a social worker at every school, another psychologist and some guidance counselors this year,” said Michael Riley, a school and community relations officer with Charlotte County Public Schools.

The beefed up security efforts provide peace of mind for parents.

“I feel very, very safe that my child goes here,” said Bonnie Harper, a parent. “I’m really thankful that Charlotte County has stepped up their game to protect our kids.”

Also in the works are plans to add visual barriers to the fencing around playground areas at Charlotte County elementary schools.

Reporter:Britni McDonald