Naples man arrested, drunk driving and crashing car

Sheriff’s deputies had to search the area after a man fled the scene of a crash at Sawyer’s Outboard Service in Naples. Deputies found him at a restaurant and arrested him.

Collier County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Ramiro Vencentie, 20, for fleeing the scene after drunk driving and crashing his red mustang into Sawyer’s Outboard building on Saturday.  

“Thank God he’s alive, but I was in shock to see it,” Kit Sawyer said.  

In the video caught of the driving incident, Vencentie narrowly missed a light pole, jump onto a concrete parking lot, spin out of control and slam his car into Sawyer’s Outboard Service building.  

Business owners and married couple Kit and Susan Sawyer said they have never had this happen before. 

“I saw no break lights when he turned in here, never hit the brakes,” Kit said.  

Susan was surprised Vencentie avoided any serious injuries from the crash.  

“I’m surprised his head isn’t busted from hitting the building so hard,” Susan said.  

The sawyers were in disbelief when Vencentie walked away from the crash.  

“I mean the guy could have gotten hurt really bad, but we watched him get out of the car and walk away,” Susan said.  

People who saw the crash told deputies that Vencentie appeared to be drunk and was heading south on Bayshore Drive wearing red shorts and a black shirt.  

After his arrest, Vencentie was taken to a nearby hospital for a blood test. Deputies said the test revealed his blood alcohol level to be above the legal limit to drive.   

Vencentie was not old enough to drink. He won’t be 21 years old until March 2019. 

The Sawyers said the damages to their business could cost around $3,000. 

“He’s going to learn a hard lesson for his outcome of what’s going to happen; I can’t tell you, but I feel sorry for him and he’s going to mess his life up for a while,” Kit said.  



Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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