Fort Myers company installing mini-reefs to improve water quality

Fort Myers company, Ocean Habitat, is getting ready to install mini-reefs to help improve the water quality.

Owner David Wolff says the mini-reef helps give over 300 fish per year a home, including filter feeders, which play a big part in cleaning the water.

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Cape Coral and Marco Island already have mini-reefs installed in various locations, and now Fort Myers Beach is next.

The town council approved a $10,000 pilot project to install about 50 units in canals along the beach.

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“What will happen is if there’s a large volume of them [mini-reefs] in an area, you can see water quality improvement, and more fish and more activity going on in the water,” Wolff said.

Wolff says which the canals on Fort Myers Beach is still to be determined, but he’s hoping that decision will be made by town council within the next week.