Habitat for Humanity looks to add low income housing to Collier County

Habitat for Humanity intends to develop more low income housing for families in need in Collier County.

Parents like Diana Buchheit, who is a hard working mother has struggled to pay her mortgage. The new developments have been a big help for her and her son.

“My eleven year old was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and it allowed for him to go through therapies, me only work one full time job, and be a mom,” said Buchheit.

Habitat for Humanity plans to build more cost conscious homes nearby the already built Regal Acres.

They plan to build a new community of low income homes on what is currently 23 acres of land.

President of HFH says the housing costs are so high, there’s a desperate need.

“Businesses that we’re trying to recruit and retain in Collier County, there’s a reason why not too many of them come here,” Nick Kouloheras stated.

Some residents who already live in the area are against the new developments.

“I’m totally against it, it’s just too much. Too much for a farm road,” said Rick Dominicks.

Dominicks says the idea of more traffic and construction doesn’t appeal to him.

“You got farms hundred and something acres over here, you got hundred and something acres of farms on the other side, you know there’s no jobs for them here, they still got to go back into town, so I don’t see where it will contribute to anything,” Dominicks shared.

But Habitat for Humanity says developments like this are necessary for Collier to keep thriving.


Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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