Weather conditions attracting some to Fort Myers Beach

As Hurricane Michael hits the Florida Panhandle, some beach goers here in Southwest Florida are enjoying the sights brought on by the powerful storm.

Vacationer Ellie Vantol said she had plans to visit Tallahassee, but after learning the hurricane would be coming through she changed her destination to Fort Myers Beach.

“Very exciting of course because we never have a hurricane..a hurricane in the Netherlands… so it’s very nice,” said Vantol.

People are at the beach, playing in the larger than normal waves that Hurricane Michael is bringing to Fort Myers beach.

“It’s fun to be in Florida, it’s hot here it’s kind of chilly back home, it’s just fun being on the beach,” said Makayla Wilson, who is visiting SWFL with her family.

The higher tide along the beach is is drawing in beach goers. Some are using the high water as a front row seat to watch the storm.

“We came to beach to check it out and see the cool waves,” said Esmeralda Benetiz, who is visiting for a friend’s wedding.

Some even decided to watch from the local businesses along the water.

“We just went over and had a drink at Pete’s time out, and taking in the sights,” said James Chorkey.

Some businesses are even selling rental chairs for people to watch the storm along the beach.


Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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