Florida gubernatorial nominees talk SWFL water crisis

As many are wondering how the next governor of Florida is going to fix our water quality crisis, Republican nominee Ron Desantis believes he has the solution, pressuring the Army Corps of Engineers.

“They can allow the water to go down more than they allowed to. People can still get their water in the dry season, so if you let it go down a little bit more even if it rains a lot you might not have to do discharges at all,” said Desantis.

As for Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum’s running mate, Chris King, he says on day one in the office, they will hire more scientists to figure out immediate solutions.

“And we’re going to be restoring the DEP, the Department of Environmental Protection, in the state,” said King.

Both of the camps agree they need to get more water from Lake Okeechobee flowing south.

Desantis claims his relationship with President Trump will show immediate results.

“But then getting the reservoir approved, funded, and green lighting that as fast as possible, you get that reservoir you won’t get that discharge water anymore,” said Desantis.

King thinks their side is more prepared.

“He doesn’t have a clean energy plan, he doesn’t talk about climate change he weekends clean water loss he weekends environmental protection that’s not an environmentalist,” said King.

In 30 days we will find out which candidate will take on this huge water crisis plaguing Southwest Florida.

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