‘Momtrepreneur’ work from home mom trend on the rise

“Momtrepreneurs” are a new movement of women, making money by pursuing their passion and they are doing it all from home.

Brianna Blain is a mom that has gone from a stay at home mom to a work at home mom.

“I just had to find something that could bring in some kind of money,” said Blain.

5 years ago Blain started selling personalized items on Facebook to make extra money.

Mother of twins, Michelle Cady, just launched her business called LOCO “Life on Cell Off”.

It’s a card game meant to bring the family back together and she hopes it will start a movement.

“There are questions, conversation starters and then there’s also kindness activities,” Cady said.

These “Momtrepreneurs” are an emerging trend among mothers who like – or need – to work from home.

Cady said it’s not just about wanting to make some side money, “It’s now more, I want a purpose, I want a meaning.”

Director of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Institute of Entrepreneurship, Sandra Kauanui was a “Momtrepreneur” before the term was coined.

At the university level, 30 percent of her students are now women, before it was 5 percent.

“Those children are learning from their mother some really important skills that are going to make the next generation even more entrepreneurial,” Kauanui said, “I purchase a lot of things I use from other moms to support them.”

She says this movement is so powerful because moms want to help each other, not only emotionally but more importantly, financially.

Mom creates card game to get families off the phones and interacting together

Michelle Cady is taking action to instill certain values in her daughters.

“We would go to family functions and notice our nieces and nephews were on their phones, or playing with their tablets and they weren’t having conversations with us,” said Cady.

So she and her 3 sister came up with a card game called “LOCO”. It’s a card game with conversation starters and kindness activities.

She says all you have to do is take 30 minutes to put down the phone and go a little loco.

Something pediatrician, Dr. Annette St. Pierre Mackoul says is good for our kids.

“They’re mentally more aware, they sleep better, they’re more active if they’re away from their screen time and they’re also mentally happier.”

Sandra Kauanui says the women who created the card game will be successful for two reasons, they know their product, and they know their buyer.

“They’re identifying and they find problems that exist within where they are in their world,” said Kauanui.



Reporter:Lindsey Sablan
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