New agreement in Lee County looks to bring flood protection

New agreement between South Florid Water Management District and Lee County looks to bring relief to areas that were badly affected by Hurricane Irma.

Gary Clemmons says there were so many downed branches and limbs after the hurricane, that there was no where to put them all.

“Then it was no place to pile anything,” said Clemmons.

The only thing to do was put it into the water.

“It was kind of a nightmare because we’re wondering when the debris was going to be lifted.”

That’s why a new agreement had been made to help bring relief in case of any future hurricanes that could bring the same damages.

“This is just another method of looking at water flow and making sure there’s no impediments in the waterways,” said Dave Harner, Assistant County Managerof Lee County.

The district says they will be targeting 13 creeks and rivers for clean up, similar to work done on the imperial river after Hurricane Irma.

This makes homeowners like Clemmons safer and may even provide a better view in the process.




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