North Port considers year-round fertilizer restrictions

The City of North Port is considering passing a year-round voluntary fertilizer ban.

City commissioners say they need to take action now to begin reducing the amount of fertilizer that fuel our water quality crisis.

A ban is currently in place during the summer months from June to September 30th when it rains most.

Some believe fertilizers are contributing to the water problem while others aren’t so sure and North Port residents have mixed reactions to the year-round ban.

“Maybe if they did it every other month or something, but for a whole year, I don’t agree with that,” said Steve Wagner of North Port.

Wagner is an avid gardener and says he doesn’t think fertilizer has the same effect in his neighborhood. “I’m over here in North Port and red tide is over on the Gulf area. I’m several miles away from there. I don’t think it has any effect.”

Others disagree.

“It’s killing the fish,” said Willie Underwood. “It’s killing all of the sensitive life matter out there so yes, it’s affecting everything.”

Commissioners are planning to hold a special meeting to discuss changes to the current ordinance. If passed, North Port would join Venice on the list of cities adopting a year-round fertilizer ban.

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