Technology offers LMU students private way to report sexual assault

At Loyola Marymount University, students are getting a new way to report sexual assault, in a way that gives them as much privacy as possible.

As sexual assault on college campus’s continue to rise, a new app is being released to report instances where a sexual assault victim can report they have been assaulted, and keep their privacy.

Florida Gulf Coast University Police Department offers a free app for students, faculty and staff called Guardian Eagle. With the app you can contact the University Police or 911 with the click of one button, send the University Police tips & photo content via text messaging, use a safety timer and select Guardians to make sure you reach your destination.

According to Callisto, less than 10 percent of victims will report it to the proper authorities.

LMU has started using Callisto, which is a website that helps students securely and privately document sexual assaults.

The program works 3 ways, students can create a time stamp security detailed record of their sexual assault, then they can report it electronically or preserve the information for later.

Victims can also be a part of a match program, if another student names the same perpetrator, the school will be notified.

Callisto is now apart of more than a dozen universities and continues to expand.

For more information you can visit their website at here.



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