Construction worker arrested after breaking into woman’s apartment, kissing her

A construction worker is behind bars after breaking into a woman’s home in the middle of the night Saturday.

Despite living in a gated community with a gate guard and security cameras, Castaneda Gustavo Alvarenga was able to get into a woman’s apartment.

The woman woke up to Alvarenga standing at her bedside, just inches away from her face at three in the morning.

He said “I have a present for you” and kissed her.

According to the police report, Alvarenga entered the woman’s home using a master key. He was hired to do remodeling work and told police he was only allowed in residents’ homes during normal business hours.

He admitted that he entered her home without permission.

Others who live at the Tides at Pelican Landing like Linda Papandrea say the horrific incident hits close to home.

“I have an 8 year old hearing this is very scary,” Papandrea said.

WINK News talked to Francesco Russo, the CEO of the Tides at Pelican Landing over the phone. He says to get through the gate, you need to be let in or registered and that no one gets let in to do work without permission.

“It’s me, myself, and two other people that have the key and there’s no way we pass around the key never, we’ll let you in in a emergency but we never hand out the key, Russo said.

Alvarenga is charged with burglary with assault or battery and the investigation is ongoing.

The CEO also says he didn’t personally hire Alvarenga and keeps a close eye on the cameras.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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