Man arrested for returning merchandise he didn’t buy to Home Goods store

A man used his kids to steal more than $1200 in merchandise from a home goods store in Cape Coral.

Police say Edwin Pabellon used the help of his kids to pull off a scheme to “return” merchandise he hadn’t bought in the first place.

His elaborate plan involved telling the kids to fill up carts with cookware and wait in the back of the store.

Pabellon would then purchase pillows and use them to cover the kids’ carts while they walked out together without paying.

On other occasions, police say he walked into the store empty-handed, grabbed pillows and bedding off the shelves and “returned” them.

Some shoppers say they think the incident raises red flags about the store’s inventory and security policy.

Police say that Pabellon got away with more than $1400 total in false returns and merchandise.

Pabellon is still behind bars.

WINK News reached out to Home Goods asking them why he could make returns without proof of purchase. They declined to comment.