FILE: Photo Credit: Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida, Inc.

Harry Chapin opens mobile food pantry on Pine Island

Those taking a hit from the water quality crisis are now headed home with some extra help thanks to the Harry Chapin emergency food bank that opened on Pine Island Friday.

Many who make their living from the water are struggling amid red tide and blue-green algae, losing business during the already-slow summer months.

“Bookings are off, restaurants are not seeing as many patrons as they’d like,” said Richard Leber, President of SWFL Harry Chapin Food Bank. “We had housekeepers from a local resort come to one of the pantries and say they hadn’t been to work in three weeks.”

The Harry Chapin Food Bank has been holding mobile pantries for five weeks to support people on Fort Myers Beach who have lost tourist business and residents say it’s a big help.

“This is just…it’s a blessing…I’m breaking out in goosebumps because it’s just going to be a really huge help,” said Janie Snider who lives on Pine Island.

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Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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