Inspiring People: Cape’s first female boxing judge pushes others to fight barriers

Carol Polis never let the doubters get in her way when she wanted to get into the boxing world at a time when women weren’t exactly welcome in the sport.

“It’s not so much how many blows you throw, it’s how effective they are,” said Polis, who knows a thing or two about what it takes to win a boxing match.

Photo via Carol Polis

Polis, who is now a breast cancer survivor, has been a judge in 27 title fights throughout the world, and was announced the first woman professional boxing judge in the united states.

“Today, 40 odd years later, I remember exactly how i felt when he said you are gonna be appointed the first woman professional boxing judge in the United States.”

She later found out that she was the first woman professional boxing judge in the world. Polis said breaking into boxing as a woman had it’s fair share of critics.

“All the men said you should be home baking and I said, kitchens closed.” “I knew I was setting an example and I was leading the pack that would come after me of other women,” said Polis.

Carol Polis played a role in evolving the sport that now better protects fighters like Fort Myers boxer, Bryant Perrella.

Perrella believes he can achieve his dreams because of people like Polis, who refused to toss in the gloves when times got tough.

Polis hopes to motivate more people in our community by sharing her experience and message around Southwest Florida.

Encouraging everyone to step into the ring with whatever opponent they face.

If you would like to contact Carol Polis to speak at an event, you can email her at [email protected]

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