Kindleigh volunteer group offers free fruit to underprivileged kids

A local volunteer group offered a random act of kindness today by offering a healthy, free lunch in a low-income neighborhood.

Kindleigh Volunteer group setup a produce stand in a vacant lot on Nelson Tills Boulevard. They offered fruit snacks and drinks to the local neighborhood kids for free.

“Offering an apple or a peach or a banana. It’s the easiest way that you can let kindness shine,” said Carey Ralston who volunteers with Kindleigh.

Danny Lee Dillard has a daughter who lives in the neighborhood near where the stand was setup, he said allowing kids to try healthy foods that are sometimes hard for them to access, sets them up for a healthier diet in the future.

“You know you go buy a can of soda, it say strawberry, but it’s artificial flavoring. So with this, you get a chance to taste what the real thing taste like,” Dillard said.

Kindleigh’s founder says giving away fresh food is critical, but it’s what they take away from it is what matters most.

“To feed yourself well, is an act of kindness,” said Leigh Clark.

For more information on how to get involved you can visit their website here.


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