Cape Coral to discuss banning retail pet sales Monday

The City of Cape Coral wants to crack down on the sale of dogs and cats from sketchy breeders with a new ordinance.

They say their efforts will stop puppy and kitty mills and will ultimately save animals’

Many local pet owners are happy to hear about Cape Coral’s work to ban the retail sale of cats and dogs.

“I love animals, they are better than people,” said Tina Lipes.

Lipes has rescued five bunnies, two cats, and a dog all at a local animal shelter.

“I know they need homes the most, and there’s so many of them out there that don’t have anywhere to live,” she said.

Julie Bedell, another local dog owner, says she thinks it’s a good idea to get the message out about animals who need homes.

“They really don’t know how many homeless dogs are out there,” she says.

Local animal shelters agree.

“It make my hair stand up on end to drive past the store that says ‘puppies for sale.’ Yeah it makes me cringe,” said Jennifer Galloway with the Gulf Coast Humane Center.

Galloway says they get a lot of animals that were bred in puppy mills and sold at stores, and those rescue animals keep them at capacity.

“People surrender to them because they can’t afford the medical bills,” she said.

Cape Coral hopes their ordinance stops the puppy mill cycle and inspires people to adopt from shelters, but some pet owners say there should still be options.

“It should be an option still for people to be able to buy one if they need it if they’re looking for one in particular,” Bedell said.

Meanwhile shelters are hoping Cape Coral joins other Florida cities in passing this ordinance.

“We 100 percent support this ordinance and we hope that more cities continue on this role,” Galloway said.

Cape Coral City Council will discuss the ordinance Monday, and it is scheduled for a public hearing in October.

Reporter:Taylor Petras