Bonita cafe arrives at new location

The Bonita Cafe arrived at the new location on Old 41 ahead of schedule on Thursday.

The transport of the building formerly known as the Dixie Moon Cafe was finished way before the 5 pm deadline.

Dixie moon cafe. photo via Bonita’s Historical Society board

Trish Welles, a long time customer of the cafe said she went by to see the transport of the building, but was just a little late.

“”I just I missed the move! it was so fast so I thought it be a lot slower,” said Welles.

Now that the relocation is complete, the former location will now be turned into a sprawling apartment complex.

“The reality is it’s young professionals new housing in downtown Bonita Springs you know there’s hundreds of units and I think it’s in the thousand dollar range,” said Peter Simmons, Mayor of Bonita Springs.

On the developers website, it says the lot will transform into a gates community of 273, one two, and three bedroom apartment homes, as well as stores and restaurants.

Goodbread store. Photo via Bonita’s Historical Society board

Many are on board with the new development, as it will preserve the history of the cafe.

“It’ll definitely be refurbished back to what it looked like,” said
Dallas Revord, Chairman of the Bonita Springs Historic Preservation Board.

New windows and doors will be added to the building this coming year.

Revord said he’s just excited to see what it will look like when it’s complete.

“It’ll be exciting to see what it actually turns into once it’s restored,” said Revord.

Reporter:Anika Henanger
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