Cape Coral school phone ban controversial among students and parents

Should kids be allowed to keep their phones at school? Oasis High School in Cape Coral says “no.”

But parents and students are worried a new phone ban will leave kids vulnerable in emergencies.

This year, Oasis High School and Middle School are implementing a new policy that aims to cut back on smartphone distractions by banning phones during school hours.

Some students worry they won’t be able to communicate with their families about concerns like last-minute schedule changes after class.

“It’s kind of hard cause I can’t always go on the bus because I have basketball practice and I need to call my mom and see if she’s available to pick me up,” said Kole Zeller.

He says not being able to use his cellphone in class makes it difficult for the family to keep up.

Others say the policy is a positive change that could cut back on harmful distractions.

“I’d much rather them be focused on the task at hand of learning than being on their phone,” said parent Eric Feichthaler.

The superintendent says that if there is an emergency and parents need to contact their kids during school hours, they have to go through the school’s main office.

There is an exception for students during a lock down.

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